Dave and the boys discuss the Springbok team for Brisbane

The Springbok team has been announced for this Saturday’s test against Australia in Brisbane. Myself, Domkrag van der Merwe (a hooker for his town’s third team), Kenneth Rose-Innes III (fullback from Waterkloofrif) and Blind Ref had a quick look and discussion on the team. Here are there thoughts:

15. Zane Kirchner

Domkrag: Well at least the forwards is not going too be the one playing without thinking. Zane can just kick and that is all.

Kenneth: He must come and see my stylist. His hair is always a mess. Just hope he doesn’t kick to much.

Blind Ref: Well at least he doesn’t give away to many penalties.

Dave: Personally I would have started with Lambie at fullback and brought on Kirchner for the last 20 minutes or so. Still Zane is safe under the high ball, but tends to be a bit one dimensional on attack.

14. Willie le Roux

Domkrag: He makes as forwards look dumb. And he runs like the wind and keeps the other okes guessing. Sometimes he has us forwards guessing as well. But that is not a bad thing.

Kenneth:  I love the way he runs with the ball. And that side step, it makes me go all soft.

Blind Ref:  A player that makes things happen. Difficult to keep track of as he is deceptive.

Dave: I prefer Willie at fullback where he can come into the line at will. A deceptive runner that has the opposition guessing on attack. Still needs some work on defence. Would like to see him at Flyhalf or even inside centre when we attack.

13. JJ Engelbrecht

Domkrag: He is not too bad. He could have been a forward. His name is so easy to spel.

Kenneth: What can I say. He is good on the eye and plays good rugby as well.

Blind Ref:  Not much to say. JJ is a great player.

Dave:  JJ is a brilliant centre and makes things happen. He has the ability to get the wings away and is not afraid to run at the gap himself. Solid on attack and defence.

12. Jean de Villiers

Domkrag: A good captain for a backline player. I like how he challenges the ref when us forwards are being hurt. A bit small to do that, but then he is a back.

Kenneth: Jean is one of my favourite players. Always well dressed and he is gentle when he tackles players.

Blind Ref: a forceful captain that keeps the refs on their toes. Knows his rules and tries to play within them.

Dave: A good captain and excellent player. He is coming to the end of his career but still keeps the youngsters at bay. We will miss him once he is replaced.

11. Bryan Habana

Domkrag: He is my favourite backline player. At least he scores tries when we put in the hard work up front.

Kenneth: Habana is brilliant, but he must run a bit slower and give the guys a chance to catch him.

Blind Ref: What can I say? He is a try scoring machine.

Dave: One of the best wingers the Springboks has ever had. 50 Tries don’t come through luck, but rather hard work. Always looking for work. Solid on defence. All round a player that you want in your team.

10. Morne Steyn

Domkrag: At least he keeps the ball in front of us and doesn’t make us run back.

Kenneth: Just loves the way he kicks a ball.

Blind Ref:  Those Aussies must watch out where they give away penalties. Morne will kick them 9 times out of 10.

Dave: Probably one of the most improved players this year. No longer just a kicking flyhalf. He has improved his all round game. The best flyhalf currently in SA based on that.

9. Ruan Pienaar

Domkrag: Not again. He is so slow behind the ruck and scrum. Doe she realise how heavy the okes get when they are on top of you?

Kenneth:  Come now Domkrag, don’t complain about guys on top of you. But I agree he is to slow.

Blind Ref: He loves to chat to the ref, the ref doesn’t always like that. The new 5 second rule can become a problem for him.

Dave: Not my first choice scrumhalf by a long shot. I would have opted to start Jano Vermaak with Piet van Zyl on the bench. Ruan is not giving the backline the service the deserve. One of the reasons the Boks struggled in Mendoza.

8. Duane Vermeulen

Domkrag: A hardworking forward. Still he sometimes dreams of being a back.

Kenneth: What a hunk of a player. I won’t mind him packing down behind me in the scrum. He has such strength.

Blind Ref: An honest player. Excepts when he is penalised.

Dave:  Vermeulen is the best eightman in the country and he has proved it. Hard working, hard playing man.

7. Willem Alberts

Domkrag: Wow! That is all I will say. Willem is harder than stone.

Kenneth:  I can only agree with Domkrag.

Blind Ref: A good hard working player.

Dave: Willem is one of those never say die players. Reminds me of Corne Krige. He puts his body on the line and just won’t back down.

6. Francois Louw

Domkrag: To much of a pretty boy for a forward, but then he starts playing.

Kenneth: Domkrag don’t speak like that of Flo. He is more than just a pretty boy.

Blind ref: Flo is a brilliant player. He steals the ball without being caught by the ref.

Dave:  In my opinion Louw should be made captain. He is a great fetcher and although many would disagree, he is the reason Brussouw is not in the squad.

5. Flip van der Merwe

Domkrag:  He must be good. He is a Van der Merwe after all.

Kenneth: A brute of as player.

Blind Ref: Tends to give away a penalty or two, but other than that he is not a bad player.

Dave:  Flip deserves more starting time in the green and gold. Yes, he does tend to give away penalties, but has improved on that over the last season or two.

4. Eben Etzebeth

Domkrag:  My type of player. He loves to get into the game and doesn’t mind the hard stuff.

Kenneth: Eben gets to physical for my liking.

Blind Ref: a hard player that sometimes gets to caught up in the moment.

Dave; Eben is a brilliant lock, but he must control his temper better. Yes, you need an “enforcer” of sorts on the field. He tends to take it a bit far at times. Everybody knows he will not shy away and they will use that against him. Still I won’t leave him out of my team.

3. Jannie du Plessis

Domkrag; He is a freak of nature. I mean how can a forward be a qualified doctor as well. Just because of that he must be in the team.

Kenneth:  I like him and he is not a bad player.

Blind Ref: Not much to say on Jannie.

Dave:  No matter how you look at uit, with his brother next to him Jannie becomes an even better player. He does how ever need to be managed properly as he is playing to much rugby in my view. Still one of the best we have.

2. Bismarck du Plessis

Domkrag: I wish I could play like Bismarck. He is the hooker every number 2 wants to be like. That is except Adriaan. Adriaan wants to be better than Bismarck.

Kenneth: Oooo, Bissie is back in the starting team. I can’t wait to watch the game. Just hope Heyneke leaves him on for at least 60 minutes.

Blind Ref: Bismarck is more than just a hooker, he is an extra loose forward.

Dave: I have to agree with Blind Ref. Bismarck brings something extra to the game. He will always be one of the best in the world, but Adriaan is not far behind at the moment.

1. Beast Mtawarira

Domkrag:  Just love to shout “Beast” when he gets the ball.

Kenneth: He is a strong player. Such big arms and legs.

Blind Ref: Not bad at all.

Dave: Beast is a strong player, but he has lost some of that line breaking ability. The new scrum laws seems to suite him.


Domkrag: Why do we need 2 backs on the bench. They never get hurt, they only get tired. I mean us forwards play most of the rugby.

Kenneth: In my opinion they need more players like Pat Lambie and Jano on the bench. The rest is just so rough looking.

Blind Ref:  An impressive bench as always.

Dave: a 5-2 split is something that we have come to expect over the last season or so. I would prefer an extra back on the bench, but we have enough players that can slot in to various positions.


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I totally love sport. Rugby, cricket and soccer, but my first love will always be rugby. Other than sport I write my own poems and other interestings articles. I also love cooking. A man of many talents. When it come to Cricket I'm a Cape Cobras, Kolkata Knight Riders and Proteas supporter. Soccer there is only one team and that is Man United and Germany internationally. Other than that I'm a loving father and husband.

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