Combined SANZAR team – Can it happen?

With the recent British & Irish Lions series still fresh in the memory, the question has been raised by many fans: “What about a SANZAR team?”

The Lions have a long and rich history dating back to 1891 when the first official tour took place to South Africa. Bill Maclagan and his men won 20 games including the 3 match test series. Prior to that 1888 an unofficial team toured Australia and New Zealand. Back in those days a tour would happen every 2 years. Later it changed to every four years.

The Lions will tour South African, Australia and New Zealand respectively once every 12 years. Since 1970 they have won only a hand full of tours. 2013, 1997, 1989, 1974, 1971 were the successful years for the Lions.

But hink about it this way. A Lions tour where they play a test each against South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. At the same time a combined SANZAR team, let’s call them the Tigers, take on each of the four home unions.

At the end of these two tours, the Lions and Tigers play a 3 match series. One year in the British isles and the next time round in the southern hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere teams can rotate the hosting of the series. These series still happen only once every 4 years. And it can be rotational to being a year end tour and the next time round an incoming tour fixture.

To end it all off the winner of the 3 match series can play a once of test consisting of a rest of the World XV. This team being made up of the countries not forming part of the Lions and Tigers teams.

If this will ever happen is a question many will have? Well we might only have this as a dream for now, but if the question is asked enough, who know’s we might be lucky to see it happen.

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